Visit 5 countries in Asia at low cost

Visit 5 countries in Asia at low cost. Everyone likes to hang out at work. If you want, you can travel from one end of the country to the other. However, going out of the country is not so. Long vacations, expenses, visas, all together, do not want to travel abroad. However, nowadays it is easy to visit through various travel companies. You can visit 5 countries in Asia at low cost.


Thailand: is the most popular tourist destination in Asia, consisting of beautiful beaches and islands. 3-4 crore people visit there every year. The country is famous for its low cost travel. In popular places like Bangkok and pattaya, good hotels are available for between Rs. 2000-2500.


Malaysia: Malaysia is no less popular in terms of travel. A record number of tourists have traveled from Bangladesh to Malaysia in the last few years. Among the spots in Malaysia are Petronas Twin Towers, Tyumen, Payne. Staying in a medium quality hotel in the country will cost 3500-4000 rupees.

Visit 5 countries in Asia at low cost

Indonesia: Indonesia is a popular country for low cost travel. Popular places in Indonesia are Kintamani Village, Tanah Lot, Muski Forest, and Bali Island. No worries about traveling to the country. If you have a return ticket, you will get an on-arrival visa at the airport. Indonesia will cost 2500-3000 rupees per night.


Vietnam: Vietnam is another Asian country where you can travel at low cost. A lot of tourists from Bangladesh visit the country. Among the popular places in Vietnam are Da Nang, Marble Mountain, and Hon An. The cost of living here is very low.


Philippines: The country is one of the travel destinations in Asia. A hotel stay in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, will cost Rs 2,000-2,500 per night.  Dorms or hostels can be further reduced. Manila and Boracay are very popular for travel.

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