Online Meetings Can also be Done with Google Meet using the TV.

Online Meetings Can also be Done with Google Meet using the TV. Now realizing the importance of video calls, this time Google has brought video conferencing to the big skin. Property Google has announced in the keyword that Google will support Meet Cast and Google Duo will work on Android TV, through which users will be able to hold meetings and video conferencing on TV.

Now google meet will work on cast supported devices. Users will be able to do video conferencing using chromecast, chromecast build-in TV and nast displays.The user will need a chrome account to use this feature. Also make sure that chrome and chromecast devices are updated to the latest version.

If someone does not have a cast support device, then you can use it with Android TV.


Google has announced a beta version of Google Dou for android TV.  Although the service is for personal calls, group meetings can also be done easily.


Google Dou works with the TV’s built-in camera. If someone doesn’t have a camera on their TV, a USB camera can also be used.This new update will work with google Dou and meet, nest hub max.Google has announced its own hardware to make their meet more effective.


Whether a user likes video conferencing or not, it has become an urgent issue nowadays. Google is trying to make things easier by making the service available on different devices.


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