Facebook’s new trend ′ Avatar

Facebook’s new trend ′ Avatar. You may have seen most of the users on Facebook’s friend list upload ′ Avatar ′ photos today. Facebook says it allows users to express their feelings and reactions more directly and subtly to other friends.


According to a CNN report, the Avatar feature was first tested on Apple iOS operating systems in some countries around the world last year. IOS was launched in the United States in May this year. Fiji Simi, then head of the Facebook app division, said in a post that most of the exchanges now take place online. So it is more important now than ever before that users should be able to respond in person.


Abdullah Al Jaber, director of Cyber 71 and a technology analyst at Hridoy, told banglanews that it is basically a platform for creating emojis, an artificial image processing platform. It can be done in combination with human appearance. So far it could be done through various third party apps.

Facebook’s new trend ′ Avatar

Abdullah Hridoy added that it was even earlier, in a limited way. But recently it has been exposed all over the world. Users in Bangladesh started getting it seven more days ago.


Analyzing the feature, Avatar works much like Snapchat’s bit-mozi. Avatars made with your own pictures can also be used as emoji later. As a result, Avatar images can be uploaded to the timeline as well as shared in comments and messengers.


To create your own avatar, you need to click on the three parallel lines at the top right of the Facebook app. Avatar can be found there in `C More ′ option. Those who have not yet come to the app can also do so with the link below the avatar picture published by others. If you go to the avatar option, Facebook has given you the opportunity to create various options and features to create your own avatar.

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