Corona virus: When did the infection start

Corona virus: When did the infection start in China – is the Harvard survey credible?

infection start in China – is the Harvard survey credible? But it’s not just China that has ridiculed the survey as incredibly ridiculous – some neutral scientists have also questioned the method of the survey.

Christopher Giles, Benjamin Strick and Wanwan Sung, journalists from the BBC’s reality checks department, examined various aspects of the survey.

The survey is based on satellite images of traffic around hospitals in the city of Wuhan, and research data on the Internet about the symptoms of certain physical illnesses.


According to the survey, the number of vehicles parked outside six hospitals in Wuhan City has increased dramatically between late August 2019 and December 1.

At the same time, Internet searches are increasing the number of words such as ‘cough’ and ‘diarrhea’ – two possible signs of coronavirus infection, the Harvard report said.


Now, this information may become important, as news of coronavirus infection from the city of Wuhan was not received before the beginning of December.

The Harvard survey report states, “It is true that we cannot confirm that there is a direct link between the virus and the increase in the number of vehicles in the hospital.

The Harvard survey has received a wide response in the media.

Does this evidence survive in the wash?

Popular Chinese search engine Baidu saw an increase in online searches during the August-December period, especially with the term ‘diarrhea’ – the Harvard survey claims.

But Baidu company officials disagreed with the information.

So what’s the matter? What’s really going on?

In fact, the number of searches for the term “symptoms of diarrhea” has increased since August 2019.

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